About Us

Innovare is founded by Mr Eric Chong in 2003. Since childhood, he is accustomed to selling tools, machinery, bolts and nuts, safety equipment, plumbing and sanitary equipments etc. In his father’s hardware shop and gained numerous experience and feedback from customers. Having 20 years of experience in the hardware industries, he has numerous curosity and interests in the plumbing industries. After graduated from university, he is determined to become an entrepreneur by creating and designing a brand name “innovare”. Using “innovare” as a brand name, many plumbling products such as taps, hand shower, bidet, hoses etc. Are created and made through oem from factories in italy and taiwan. Through many years of hardwork, “innovare” has won the support of many wholesalers, retailers and end-consumers by earning the Singapore prestige brand awards in 2007 and asia-pacific brand awards in 2014. Now innovare has the capabilties of setting up a manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, producing premium quailities of plumbing products under its own brand name.