Latest Invention 3


TOP PICS: G1/2 FULL BRASS DIVERTER (F15mm x M15mm X M15mm)

When it comes to creating another brass fitting output terminal out of the present output terminal , that is, to insert a diverter to allow multi-purpose uses, such as 2 way bib tap or a mini ball-valve, the end users are forced to insert another shut-off valve to control the water flow out of this newly extended output terminal. our founder, Mr Eric Chong, actually “think of the box”, to apply the uses of “y” shaped diverter on a garden tap (g3/4f x g3/4m x g3/4m) on the application of 2 way bib tap or mini ball valve and registered this new design application with Ipos (intellectual property of Singapore). Under this new application on 2 way tap or on mini-ball valve, the end users can control the water flow from each output terminal without the insertion of another shut-off valve.