Special Deals

We are offering special deals monthly for our online customers. Online customers are encouraged to register member with us to enjoy these special discounts and rebates.

For local (singapore) purchases, we are offering 5% discount on product purchase and 20% for replacement installations. Please note that is only replacement installations, we are unable to cater to total new installations. The replacement installations are only available in singapore only.

For foreign (non-singapore) online customers delivering to overseas foreign addresses, in addition to the 5% product discount on product purchases, we are also offering 20% for export rebate for overseas purchases so as to leverage and offset with the costly airfreight.

5% OFF


5% discount for all online customers, both local and overseas purchases.

20% OFF + 5% OFF


20% discount for replacement installations, in addition another 5% additional discount is being given. Note that replacement installation is only available for Singapore only.

20% OFF


To attract overseas online customers, 20% discount for overseas purchases to leverage and to offset with the costly airfreight